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Nentir Vale

Nentir Vale was the northern borderland region of the continent of Nerath. The vale was mostly empty after all the events in its history, though there was a handful of towns and villages scattered around, including Fallcrest and Hammerfast.

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People and races
  • Inhabitants — adventurers and legendary heroes
  • Races — monsters and other creatures
  • The Gods & Other Powers — gods and other powers
The World
  • Geography — the world of Nerath
  • History — of forgotten kingdoms and fallen lands
  • Power Sources — the powerful energies that suffuse the World
  • Magical Items
  • Novels – all the many novels set on the world of Nerath.
  • Sourcebooks – rulebooks, adventures, and supplements for playing the game.
  • Comics – the comic series set in PoL.
  • Board games – the board games set in PoL.
  • Authors – the authors of the many novels and sourcebooks.

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